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LEARN THE SECRETS TO BEComing a expert in hair extensions

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A Innovated Extension System Focused On Scalp & Hair Integrity

Gentle, Flexible without Over-Direction to help Eliminating Scalp & Hair Damage. 


This Powerful System Allows More Wefts Per Row And More Coverage All While Leading The Industry With A Thin Extension Track.


You Can Feel Confident Placing Rows Higher And Cover More Area Without The Fear Of Visibility Or Tension  


 Superior Training Helping You To Streamline Your Time Behind The Chair. Our System Allows You To Be Stress-Free! No Longer Worry About Beads Slipping,, Bead Sores, or Floppy Corners.


We Guarantee Stronger Durability Between Appointments!


Mane Luxe® Method wasn’t crafted through trial and error.  We engineered a system based on the scalps anatomy. Our system is slim, flexible and extremely gentle on the scalp.

Mane Luxe® is designed to support ALL hair textures and density. We listened to Stylist's around the world and create a conceptual foundation design that allows stylist to have the freedom to create.


The first step in creating our game changing extension system was to analyze the structural framework of our beaded sections to uphold the integrity of the hair and scalp. The width and depth of each section, the angles at which each bead section must reside, the angle at which each row of wefts must reside, the pockets created to dissipate tension, stress or pressure from any angle, the bead size of each beaded section to ensure proper foundational support and to eliminate stitching compression and tension. 


After developing the structural framework it was time to determine the load our foundation could withstand without compromising the integrity of the scalp. It was important the structural framework be able to uphold its integrity while being able to carry enough weight for course dense hair and minimal weight for fine thin hair while maintaining a thin, invisible track. 


Analysis’ were ran to ensure our structural internal force load would support the foundation to be flexible, help to eliminate most tension, stress and pressure on the hair and scalp regardless of hair texture and density and the durability of the foundation to uphold the duration of 6-8 weeks. 


If you're a hairstylists who has struggled with finding a method of installing extensions that delivers exceptional results, Mane Luxe® is here to help! 



Join the revolution of Mane Luxe® - where we empower hairstylists to elevate their careers, strengthen their artistic skills, and grow their businesses like never before!.

 Embrace the movement where inclusion reigns supreme, and unleash your true potential as a member of this elite society of trailblazing creatives. Discover a world where limits are nonexistent, and success awaits you at every turn. Welcome to Mane Luxe® - the ultimate destination for the boundless exploration of your artistry!

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