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A Superior Hand-Tied Extension Method offering ultimate comfort and flexibility, giving you endless possibilities for styling without pain or discomfort



Never worry again if your hair extensions are visible! Mane Luxe®️ offers the most concealed extensions, from our slim foundation to our break-through placement and cutting leaving you worry free to live your life with your NEW beautiful hair. 


Our Slim and concealed foundation is remarkably gentle on the scalp and virtually undetectable even to the touch! With a flexible base and minimal points of contact Mane Luxe®️ helps improve the integrity of your natural hair! With our trusted method you can say goodbye to messy, sticky, bulky, painful, high maintenance extensions and hello to comfortable beautiful healthy hair!

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This superior method offers ultimate comfort and flexibility giving you endless possibilities for styling without pain or discomfort. Our method is only as good as our students and that’s why we designed Mane Luxe®️ Society!  An Exclusive community committed to cultivating exceedingly skilled artist. We focus on both technical and business skills so our artist can work less, make more money and provide an elite hair extension experience for their guests!