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OUR Services

MANE LUXE educators deliver Online

Hands-On, and Look+Learn classes focusing on industry trends while building the foundation of the ARTIST, HUSTLER & CEO. 

We focus on Artist Technique, Customizing Hair Extensions, Marketing, Social Media, Photography, Business Operating Systems, Pricing, Building High Producing Teams, Culture, Contracts, Consultations and much more!  

We believe there is so much to learn in this industry, and our Artist are excited to share their knowledge and help other Artist achieve success. Knowledge brings confidence and we want to help you be confident as an ARTIST, HUSTLER & CEO.


To take your business to the next level


A day inside the salon with Michaela + her team!


Learn the tools needed to become a Million Dollar Salon!


Strengthen your technique as a stylist, and learn to works smarter not harder.

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One on One private coaching with Michaela.


Gain Access to vital documents that will elevate your business!

Client Love


"I shadowed with Micaela and her team yesterday and she is extremely

 knowledgeable in her craft of Hand Tied Hair Extensions and I am thankful to have been able to work so closely with her . If you ever consider wanting to shadow her, DO IT! It was worth the cost.

— Michelle, Michigan


"Michaela's coaching program saved my business! Not only did it give my business structure, it gave ME structure. As a business owner it's so easy to get all sorts of unorganized. The tools she uses makes it so easy to implement into your business and get you back on track. She guides you on how to use systems and processes in the salon and also helps you create a team worth while. I loved every second of my coaching calls with her and I would highly recommend it!"

— Taylor, Arizona

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