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 Terms and Conditions 


Welcome to your Mane Luxe Extensions education portal. We are so excited to have you here as part of the family! 


Before we get started, we need you need to accept & acknowledge our user agreement to protect the investment you have made into your education and the proprietary content of this site and the Mane Luxe brand.


 All content in this site and all course material, documents, methodology, videos, photos, is protected under Federal Copyright and Trademark Law. 


You may NOT post or repost any pictures or videos of Mane Luxe beadwork, foundation or stitching patterns or Mane Luxe techniques on internet sites or forum groups, other than those owned by Mane Luxe. Also, under any circumstance, you may not share, copy, post or reproduce any content from this site to another site. This includes any Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, internet chat sites or stylist forums that you might be a member of. Photos and videos that are approved for share are provided in your certification course materials. 



Viewing Mane Luxe material or becoming certified Mane luxe does NOT authorize you to teach, discuss or disclose any of the information you gain from your trainer, Mane Luxe owned media sites or apps. 



Any attempt to reverse engineer or tweak the Mane Luxe method and proprietary info to “make it your own” and then attempt to teach or promote a new concealed, hidden, or invisible beaded method in competition with Mane Luxe is prohibited and considered a direct violation of this user agreement. 



You may NOT share your access or logins to our education portal with any other individual. We track IP addresses on computers and mobile devices and match them to user ID's. Essentially, we will be alerted if you are sharing your password and you will be immediately locked out of the system and lose any certification status. 




You are NOT authorized to advertise or market that you are CERTIFIED in Mane luxe until your certification is complete. If Mane Luxe finds that you are offering Mane Luxe Method and charging for it as a service before your certification is complete you will be removed from the program without refund. Doing so can result in being kicked out of the program. You MAY post pictures approved by your trainer during the education process. After certification is complete and you would like to post pictures (excluding those 

that show Mane Luxe trade secrets listed above) and promote the method you learned at Mane luxe and tag @maneluxemethod. 



We have implemented these standards to protect your investment as one of our valued stylists, as well as the integrity, image, and content produced by Mane Luxe. Mane Luxe reserves the sole right to revoke the certification of any stylist to protect the image and brand of Mane Luxe. You agree that any infraction of the above would damage the integrity of this program and cause financial as well as reputational harm to Mane Luxe and its stylists and you will be held legally liable. 



Money back guarantee: Mane Luxe offers a 100% money back guarantee. We stand behind our education and the method. The guarantee works as outlined here. You must complete all the training with your mentor and earn your full certification before you can request your money back. If, you have completed the entire course and completed your certification, and feel like it was not worth your time and money, you can send a DM to your mentor requesting your money back. You must explain the reasons for requesting your money back in this DM. You must request the refund within 1 week after finishing the certification with your mentor. There are absolutely no exceptions to this process. 



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