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Frequently asked questions

Why should I choose Mane Luxe®️ as my extension method?

We understand how overwhelming it is to choose the right method to invest in. Creator Michaela Breci has been specializing in hair extensions for almost two decades. She has been an educator for other hair extension methods, and has taught stylists all over the world on how to elevate their craft non-specific to a method. She listened to the feedback stylists and clients regarding their experiencing from other methods, and crafted an innovative method to solve the issues at hand.

How is it different?

Our trademarked method is like nothing the industry has seen! Our foundation is concealed like many others, however what's concealed is what truly sets us apart. Our foundation is slim, flexible, and remarkably gentle on the scalp and hair. With NO end beads you no longer have to worry about bulky corners or tension sores. Our method allows the hair to fall in a natural state, alleviating any tension common with other methods. This allows the hair to be worn up from the moment it's installed with total comfort. Mane Luxe®️ is durable yet gentle on the hair and wont slip out, we guarantee! Here is what sets Mane Luxe ®️ apart from the rest! + Flexible points of contact + Less beads + Lays flatter + Track is thinner and more discreet + Can be worn up immediately + Holds more wefts per row + Is designed for both fine sparse hair and coarse thick hair + Can be worn by clients suffering extreme hair loss + One row can be installed in 15 minutes + ZERO end beads + No damage to scalp or natural hair + No discomfort, pulling, or tension + No over direction of the natural hair + Endless styling options that wont expose your extensions + Concealed beads + Wont Slip Out + Corners that lay flush with the scalp + Stylist save 1-2 hours per reservation + Remove in two minutes tops! + non-bulky, comfortable grow out even at 8 weeks

Has this method been tested and proven?

YES! Michaela has tested and proven Mane Luxe®️ for over two years before she released it to the public.

Is this method trademarked?

Yes, MANE LUXE®️ is a trade secret! Our Hair Extension method is protected and can only be learned at our certification intensive.

Are there END BEADS?

Nope! Finally an innovated method with NO END BEADS! We still think it't too good to be true!

Is there over direction of the hair?

There is no over direction, the hair falls in its natural direction and is extremely flexible.

What is the installation time?

One Row can be installed in 15 minutes. On average, stylists freshly out of our intensive class can install one row in 30 minutes or less!

How long can it be worn before a maintenance?

Depending on the hair density we recommend 6-8 weeks.

Does this method of application damage the hair or scalp?

Absolutely not! You can say goodbye to tension sores, red scalps and pulled follicles! Mane Luxe®️ offers ultimate comfortability!

What is an Express Move-Up?

Mane Luxe®️ is all about innovation, and NOW you have an option to move your rows up in between your full move up reservation.

Is there a long learning curve like other methods?

Our students success is our success. We have designed our training program to ensure students can learn Mane Luxe®️ with ease and begin have a successful journey as a Hair Extension Stylist.

How long does it take for a stylist to feel confident in their technique?

We hold our students to a high standard of work. We want to ensure the quality of work follows our culture and provides luxury hair without damage. Our training program begins with 30 days of pre-training, an in-person two day event, followed by case study submissions with video feedback. After attending our event we have seen a high success rate of 3-6 weeks where students are completing outstanding work!

Does this method hurt at all right after the install?

Our method was designed to be gentle and flexible, meaning you can wear your hair up immediately after having your extensions installed.

Does this method slide out or fall out?

No, our method is guaranteed not to slip out. Praise Be!

When you brush does it hurt? Feel like you are pulling hairs?

Absolutely not! We know how important every strand of hair is, and that's why we created a strong durable foundation. Even during the stitching it should be comfortable with ZERO pulling.

On average how long does it take before a stylist is doing a 15 minute row?

Stylist with ZERO hair extension experience can do a 15 minute row by doing power practice (beading and stitching one row) per day for four weeks.

Can I still live an active lifestyle while wearing Mane Luxe®️?

Absolutely! Our durable foundation allows you to live a normal life while wearing hair extensions. You can workout, swim, run or surf while wearing Mane Luxe®️.

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Frequently asked questions

What does it entail to become certified?

To become certified in Mane Luxe®️ each stylist must PASS four (4) case studies including the 6-8 week maintenance return. On Average stylist submit a total of 6-8 case studies.

Will I get feedback on my case studies?

Yes! We pride ourself on the success of our students. We provide picture corrections, video feedback and how-to videos to ensure stylists have every tool they need to be successful with our method.

What’s included in the ticket price?

  • 30 Days Pre-Training
  • 2 Day Live Event
  • Extension Kit with Practice hair
  • Swag Bag
  • Breakfast and Lunch
  • Mane Luxe Wealth Online Business Course
  • Video Feedback
  • Invitation to join Elite Society - Mastermind group

Can I split ticket price into two (2) payments?

Yes, we offer a two payment option or pay in full. Balance is due 45 days prior to the event start date.

What is taught during the class?

We go through color, formulations, installation, cutting, business, mindset, pricing, photography and so much more!

Is there continued education?

Yes! Once you attend an Intensive you are invited to join Elite Society. Elite Society consists of bi-weekly live webinars with ongoing business, mindset and technical trainings. After attending a Mane Luxe Method course you gain access to attend any of our advanced education classes.

How many classes will you be having?

We will be hosting 6-8 Certification Intensives in 2022. Other classes that will be offered are Advanced classes for Certified stylists.

Why aren’t you offering more classes for the year?

The last class of 2021 is October 18th + 19th.

Do you need extension experience to attend this class?

No prior extension experience is needed to attend a Certification Intensive.

Is this for advanced extension stylists?

Our education is designed for all levels of stylist as well as our ongoing education. We have created a program that is tailored to each stylist no matter where they are inside their Hair Extension Journey.

Will you only be doing classes in CA?

At this time classes are only offered in California.

Will you host a private event for my entire salon?

If interested in a Full Salon Certification please contact