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Retainer Agreement

Retainer Agreement


If you are offering any kind of retainer servies for your clients, this agreemtent is a MUST! In this agreement you will find answers to those pesky questions like..... what happens if a client reschedules or cancel their reservation? This agreement will help to manage both sides' expectations from the begining to ensure a long-term relationship. 

  • About Our Products and Processes


    About our products and processes: 

    An important note regarding our process: When you download your template, you will receive a template that has been written by an attorney. However, we want to be very clear: we are not a law firm, and for ethical and legal reasons, we are not able to dispense legal advice via email,   Our company runs with the highest level of integrity possible; therefore, in an effort to assist customers with questions while also running our own business legally, we have created an instagram account to help answer many of the questions we recieve. 

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