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Are you ready to join the biggest INNOVATION to hit the Hair Extension Industry?

MANE LUXE®️ is a cutting-edge hair extension method designed to support healthy hair growth while giving you the beautiful hair you have always dreamed of! 


Mane Luxe Method Introduction

Advanced Workshop

Business Workshop

Assistant Workshop



This superior method offers ultimate comfort and flexibility, giving you endless possibilities for styling! Mane Luxe® was designed for all hair types. Its slim concealed foundation is suitable for even thin hair and we GUARANTEE it won't slip out.  


We believe our method is only as good as our students and that’s why we designed Mane Luxe®️ Society!  An Exclusive community committee to cultivating exceedingly skilled stylist. Our community gives stylists the tools necessary to work less, make more money and provide an elite hair extension experience for their guests. Our students are held to the highest level to ensure the service their clients receive is nothing less than ELITE.

Mane luxe®️ method is designed with the stylist and client in mind.

+ There are less points of contact 

+ Less beads

+ Lays flatter

+ Is flexible and extremely comfortable

+ And be worn up immediately 

+ Can hold more wefts per row

+ Is designed for both fine sparse hair and coarse thick hair 

+ Can be worn by clients suffering extreme hair loss 

+ 1 row can be installed in 15 minutes

+ Has no end beads 

+ No damage to scalp or natural hair 

+ No discomfort or pulling

+ Endless styling options

+ Concealed

+ Wont Slip Out


Have you spent thousands of dollars on a training only to be left disappointed?  Our elevated event experience is the first of its kind! We cover everything from extension methodology, advanced training, how to run a profitable business and training assistants!

Our workshops are small and intimate to ensure our artists get the highest level of hands on support. Our tried and true systems provide a powerful approach to learning ensuring our artist have maximum results. We guarantee you will walk away feeling inspired and confident in

Hair Extensions and Business! 

All Artist's are invited to join our private  Elite Society community for ongoing support!