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Are you ready to join the biggest INNOVATION to hit the Hair Extension Industry?

MANE LUXE® is a cutting-edge hair extension system designed to support a healthy scalp while giving you the beautiful hair you have always dreamed of! 



Windsor, CA


Learn the Foundation of Mane LuxeⓇ Method. 


You will learn everything from Consultation to Customizing Hair Extensions to each individual guest. Sectioning, Beadwork, Placement, Weft Selection and Customization, Stitching, Cutting and Styling Mane LuxeⓇ Extensions. 


Mane LuxeⓇ Education is a 1 day IN-PERSON training with 4 weeks of pre-training online.  During this course you will work directly with your one-on-one mentor submitting work for review. 


Our goal is to ensure you gain confidence in your application of Mane LuxeⓇ . 


 Upon completion of your 4 models you will earn a Level 1 Certification. 





Once you have attended our In-Person Level 1  training you have the opportunity to join us for an Advanced Hair Extension training with the Mane Luxe Team.  

This training is a 1 day In-Person Class. You will be taking everything you learned in Level 1 and ADVANCING your skills. 

This course is a deep dive into Scalp Investigation, Advanced Placement, Split Rows, Hair Line Minis, Split Stitching, Advanced Coloring, and Advanced Cutting as well as our proven system to help you increase your efficiency behind the chair. 

During this event you will have the support of our mentors helping you feel more confident behind the chair. Once you have completed and passed your Model Submission with your mentor you will gain a Master Stylist Mane LuxeⓇ Certification. 






Windsor, CA 

This course will require you to continue your work in Business, Technique, Cut, Styling & Color as well as complete 2 weeks of Pre-Training before attending your training. 


To ensure the HIGHEST quality of work you will be required to attend our 1 Day Premier Licensed Stylist In-Person training in Windsor, CA with a Model. During our training we will be covering the most advanced extension work and finishing with a Live Model Test Out!


This is the last level to complete before being invited to our Platform Artist Team! 




Once you are a Premier Licensed Stylist you have the option to continue with Mane LuxeⓇ as a Platform Artist. This opportunity is available once a year  for Premier Licensed Stylist. 


As a Platform Artist you will have the opportunity to provide shadowing opportunities to Mane LuxeⓇ Stylist, becoming a brand ambassador and Educator for our Elite Society Mastermind, as well as our Methodology programs. 


This is an opportunity to bring your talents and strengths to the Mane LuxeⓇ team.

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