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Taking the plunge and investing in hair extension education can be an intimidating first step for stylists who want to grow their career. But it's a powerful move that could open doors to your dream life with your dream clients. 

Learning the Mane Luxe® Method can elevate you to powerhouse status, positioning you as an authority in this booming industry and making you attract your dream clientele.

If you're ready to boost your confidence, master the field, and become a Certified Mane Luxe® Stylist. Our intimate, in-depth education is just what you need. 

It will equip you with the key skills and tools to set you on the path of success. Not only will we coach and mentor you every step of the way, investing in our program guarantees that you’re building a solid foundation for expansive growth in the near future.

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Of Mane Luxe® Method



Experience unparalleled gentleness and flexibility, meticulously designed with a movable pocket minimize scalp tension, over direction all while maintaining the natural integrity of your scalp and hair.



Our Advanced System Sets the Standard with Ultra-Thin Extension Tracks

Engineered for maximum impact, it offers increased wefts per row and expansive coverage, all while keeping a slender extension track. Now you can have the freedom to place rows higher and achieve more coverage, without the worries of visible tracks.



Our innovative system invites you to a world of efficiency and peace of mind, freeing you from the stress of slipping beads, bead sores, and floppy corners. Mane Luxe provides the assurance of unparalleled durability that lasts between appointments, ensuring your focus remains on creativity and client satisfaction.



Through a meticulously hidden bead technique and tailored color creation, we grant your clients the liberty to flaunt their hair in any style they desire, secure in the knowledge their extensions will remain their little secret.


Mane Luxe® Method, an innovative hair extension method was meticulously engineered with the anatomy of the scalp at its core. Our breakthrough system is designed to be slim, light-weight, flexible, and extremely gentle, ensuring compatibility with a wide variety of hair textures and densities. Inspired by the insights of stylists worldwide, we've crafted a unique foundation that empowers stylists with the freedom to create beautiful hair extension transformation while protecting the integrity of the clients scalp and hair.


Mane Luxe’s transformative approach began with an in-depth analysis of the structural intricacies of beaded sections, ensuring each element—from section dimensions to bead placement angles—fortifies hair and scalp health. This meticulous attention to detail creates a seamless integration, alleviating tension and stress from all directions, while maintaining an undetectable presence.


Our commitment to integrity led us to engineer a foundation robust yet delicate enough to adapt to the unique demands of varying hair textures, ensuring a balance between lightweight for fine strands and robust support for thicker hair, all without compromising scalp health. Clients can confidently pursue an active lifestyle, secure in the knowledge that their hair extensions will endure.


If you're a hairstylists who has struggled with finding a method of hair extensions that delivers exceptional results, Mane Luxe® is here to help! 



At Mane Luxe® Education, where we're all about shaking things up and setting new standards in our industry. Our team is committed to guiding hairstylists in enhancing their expertise, while offering a nurturing and empowering environment every step of the way. We're not just about teaching skills; we're about building confidence, fostering growth, and empowering you to thrive behind the chair with personalized support tailored to your unique journey.


Stylist's who want a deeper understanding in hair extensions and personalized approach.

Stylist's who want to build their dream career without being a salve behind the chair.

Stylist's who want to increase their income with a high end service.

Stylist who want to offer their clients a gentle & safe method of hair extensions.

Stylist's who want to work with a mentor that will support their learning journey while encouraging a solution based mindset.

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